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SACHA—The Way Back
AWAKENING—Event Horizon
WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality
OLYMPUS—Of Gods & Men
ELOHIM—Masters & Minions

A story of love, magic and adventure.


ALEC is a dreamer and an adventurer. He’s coming of age. He conquers the unconquerable, visits the unreachable, sails the seven seas, and finally meets his own Self among the stars. He also finds his first love. Join him for the ride of your life!

A fascinating tale for both young and old...

Dr ALEXANDER Baldwin, "Alec", now a brilliant physicist, had risen to unprecedented heights in his profession. He is determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. All's fine until his journey to the mysterious Machu Picchu. There, at the top of the world of the ancient Incas, Sandra returns to claim her proper place in his life.


Join Alexander in the realm of fantasy, Black Magic, Adventure and Romance.
SACHA—The Way Back
SACHA, Alexander's son, cuts his own history. His life hovers between normal, paranormal, and supernormal. He is uncomfortable in his body. He’s obsessed with finding purpose in his life. Finally his mysterious mission is revealed to him. Strangely, his success results in dire consequences to those who dared to oppose him.
AVATAR SYNDROME is a mystery...
A troubled,taciturn girl grows into a world-renowned violinist; from misunderstood recluse, to messiah of a higher truth and beauty. Pain and pleasure, science, talent, and mysticism, combine into a symphony of fame, glory, and enchantment.
HEADLESS WORLD—The Vatican Incident
The story pits the traditions and beauty of the Vatican against the cold mechanical might of the American War Machine. The whole world is the playing field. Join Anne,; her husband, Peter; Sir Ian, the affable maestro; Gabriel, the mystical butler; and their new friend, Gio, the powerful Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church as they unravel the most sinister bid for power the world has ever seen.

AWAKENING—Event Horizon
The next gigantic step in Human Evolution.Anne Howell and her group of friends experience the most cataclysmic events in human history. Join them in a most incredible experience that changed their reality. They learn the secret of the Event Horizon, where the centripetal and centrifugal forces remain in perfect balance.

WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality. What more would one want?

At core, this is a love story between two characters; between human experience and what lies beyond our perceived barriers. There is a heady mix of myth, religion, physics, history, espionage, adventure, romance and philosophy woven throughout a compelling story.
And then all hell breaks loose!
Under the influence of PLUTO, the world order is on the brink of total collapse. Those who know about ancient prophecies will escape with their lives. Those who do not will have to face the consequences.
This is the most apocalyptic period in human history. Shouldn’t you protect yourself?
Finally, at OLYMPUS, where only gods dare to tread, under the aegis of Ambrosia and her family, the chosen few survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles. As governments and social structures collapse, Ambrosia reaches out for the power dormant within her They are stunning!

Witchcraft? Magic? Or a gift of God?

Almost immediately, both lovers are engulfed in mystery. Dr. Peter Thornton, a man at the top of his career, discovers a gift of healing manifesting through his unwilling hands. The ‘gift’ turns into an insidious curse. He cannot practice medicine and “witchcraft” simultaneously. His promising career is in shambles..
This is where Stan Law, the author of the acclaimed WINSTON TRILOGY comes into his own.

In ELOHIM—Masters & Minions, this tale of global evolution Stan Law, the bestselling author of Visionary Fiction, entangles the whole world. In truly Stan Law’s style, this book is both: a bold exploration of human potential, and an international thriller. As an added bonus, we are shown our true nature.

Finally Stan Law unravels the enigma of man’s destiny.
This novel is also a fascinating work of speculative metaphysics. Winston, the mysterious majordomo, leads humanity towards the next unavoidable evolutionary step. Winston’s Kingdom is not of this world but, for now, within the Solar System!

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Sacha—The Way Back

One Just Man

Elohim—Masters & Minions

Winston's Kingdom

Alexander Trilogy I

Alexander Trilogy II

 Alexander Trilogy III

Winston Trilogy I

Winston Trilogy II

Winston Trilogy III









In the first part of Trilogytwo generations of Alexander Baldwin's family reach out for their dreams. Alec meets his own self among the stars; father, Alex Sr., challenges the elements in the open seas; Alec's mother, Alice, attempts to follow the great masters and leave at least one immortal work of art behind her..

2016 Amazon Bestseller
Alexander Baldwin, a brilliant physicist is determined to unlock the secrets of the Universe. Yet his scientific training is at odds with the memories of his youthful exploits that draw him into the realm of irrepressible imagination, fantasy and magic. As the echoes of his adolescent jaunts demand recognition, his mind and emotions are on a perilous collision course.
2016 Amazon Bestseller
Sacha is trying to figure out what he is doing in a human body. He’s obsessed with the idea that he’s not of this world and that he is here, on Earth, to carry out a specific if mysterious mission. He also believes that he cannot go back to his own country until his enigmatic destiny is fulfilled. His eventual success results in dire consequences to those who dare to oppose him.

A promising career of a young physician is cut short by an enigmatic gift of healing. He rebels against his destiny, until a will greater than his own takes over and, unwittingly, he learns how to overcome death itself.

"…an enthralling page-turner…" "a superb read" and "a philosophical gem."

(From 5 star Kindle reviews).

In this sequel to One Just Man, in truly Stan Law’s style, this book is both: a bold exploration of human potential, and an international thriller. As an added bonus, Peter shows us the way to join him in the realm of man’s ultimate destiny.

"A sparkling novel that frames Dr. Peter Thornton's intensely personal journey of self-discovery in the best of high stakes international intrigue." (B. Symonds, Amazon)

From 5 star reviews from Smashwords:

"In Book 3 of the Winston Trilogy, Stan Law collected every historical movement, every way to tie together all of mankind's beliefs and knowledge, fused all competing humanist and economist ideals, integrated science and psyche, theories and thought experiments, reasons and rationalizations, and wishes and wonders."

"A metaphysical puzzle resolved in a masterly fashion."

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The Avatar Syndrome

 Headless World- Vatican Incident

Awakening -The Event Horizon

Yeshûa -Personal Memoir

Peter & Paul

Now - Being & Becomimg

 Avatar Trilogy I

 Avatar Trilogy II

 Avatar Trilogy III

Missing Years of Jesus

A Historical Fiction

A Love Story?







"The Avatar Syndrome" follows Anne from childhood, to womanhood; from a troubled, taciturn youth, to a world-renowned violinist; from misunderstood recluse, to messiah of a higher truth and beauty.

From 5 Stars Reviews:
"The author is an enlightened being and it is very evident in this masterpiece"" (Michael P.Tinsley, Amazon.com)

"If you love art, music, philosophy, beauty, and… science, then read this book". (Adam Kerry, Smashwords)

"Headless World" pits the traditions and beauty of the Vatican against the cold mechanical might of the American War Machine. The whole world is the playing field.

Join Anne (heroine of The Avatar Syndrome); her husband, Peter; Sir Ian, the affable maestro; Gabriel, the mystical butler; and their new friend, Gio, the powerful Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church as they unravel the most sinister bid for power the world has ever seen.

Humanity has reached the point of no return. It is time for a new beginning, a new Eden. But first we must prepare the Garden of our Consciousness.

The Event Horizon is ever present in the depth of our Being. When we enter the state of undisturbed serenity, we come into the awareness of the energy of Consciousness. At this fundamental level of the Creative Potential nothing is impossible. Once again, this time in full consciousness, those who survive realize that they truly are gods.


And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man. Luke 2:52
A meticulously researched historical novel describing in intimate detail the 18 years missing from the Biblical accounts in the life of Jesus.

Satia, the son of a wealthy caravan owner meets the 12-year-old Yeshua (Jesus) as the latter flees in rebellion from his Essene teachers. The two become fast friends and stay that way for the 18 years not covered in the Bible — the years between the finding of Jesus in the Temple and the beginning of his short ministry.

2016 Amazon Bestseller

Peter and Paul is a natural sequel to the Inhousepress best selling historical novel Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus. The novel describes the dire situation in which early Christians lived, in constant fear for their lives.

The two journeys, which Peter and Paul took, illustrate the contrasting views of the essence of the scriptural teaching, each necessary for the fulfillment of its intent. The lives of the two apostles show that there are many ways to the Kingdom of Heaven.


A man wraps his car around a lamppost. The next instant he's looking down on his body lying in a ditch. He wonders why he doesn't feel any pain. What follows are: "300 spellbinding pages!"

From 5 Star Reviews:

"This is a story of how a mind can be set free to roam infinite space where time does not exist..." (K. Jones, Amazon)

"Now - Being & Becoming is an invaluable piece of literature." (C.J. Good, Amazon)

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Wall - Love, Sex, and Immortality

 Pluto Effect

OLYMPUS - Of Gods and Men

The Princess

Marvin Clark - In Search of Freedom

The Gate - Things my Mother told me

Aquarius Trilogy Book 1

Aquarius Trilogy Book 2

Aquarius Trilogy Book 3

Cominng of Age Story

A Love Story

 Fictional Biography







WALL is a novel about Love, Sex, and Immortality. Action takes place in Montreal - Canada, Milos - a fabulous Greek Island, and in realms accessible only to those who read this book. Is seems that love can cross realities of time and space. .

There is more on heaven and earth than meets the eye, more than our senses can detect. We, you and I, can walk through walls, visit other realities, past and present, make love on Greek Islands drenched in sunshine, all by an act of our will.

"Only now it was becoiming clear that everything that happened to Simon and Ambrosia was a necessary prerequisit to the Pluto Effect.

The world in in social and political upheaval. Nature seems to take vengeance on may abusing her gifts. It is evident that soon, all too soon, a new order will come into being, but not before the old order will be destroyed completely. Only a few men and women stand between man's obliteration and rise from the ashes of yesteryear. Our heroes are among them.

Even as all hell breaks loose in Pluto Effect our heroes escape to Milos, their beloved Greek Island. There under the aegis of Ambrosia and her family, they survive apocalyptic global upheavals, caused by reversal of polarity of magnetic poles. As governments and social structure collapse, a small group of advanced beings in a few secret sanctuaries assure survival of the remnants of human heritage. Eventually, Simon awakens to a new reality in which people become aware of magnificent powers lying dormant within them.


A beautiful enigmatic Princess guides a 13 year-old boy, Alec Baldwin, in his imaginary travels and finally rewards him with the realization of his own true and mysterious nature.

"Adventure, action, hope, youthful romance, girls, sailing, buccaneering, extraterrestrial travel, chivalry, heroism, mysterious dungeons, beautiful princess… need I say more? Isn’t this what dreams are make of?" [5 stars on Smashwords]

Marvin Clark, a man as shy as he is retiring, assumes a cloak of invisibility to protect him from vicissitudes of everyday life. The only escapes he enjoys are into the inner worlds of his own making. Then, a beautiful woman enters his drab reality. Suddenly, the protective ramparts Marvin had so carefully erected begin to crumble. Will she set him free?

From 5 Star Reviews:
"As I am sure is true for most men, with the exception of Romeo and Juliet, I’d never read a ‘love story’. I always assumed this was a strictly women’s territory. I was wrong. I loved it". (Adam Kerry, Smashwords)

"The Gate - Things my Mother told me" draws you in with subtlety, wit, compassion and faith. An intriguing and captivating look at the last sixty years of western culture that holds you even though we all know how her story is going to end. It will be of particular interest to people who experienced Alzheimer's or Dementia in their immediate family.

"This is a jewel of a piece of writing…" [Kate Jones, Amazon]


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Enigma of the Second Coming

 Gift of Gamman

Sci-Fi 1

Sci-Fi 2


Cats & Dogs

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Metaphysics

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, MetaphysicS

 Short Stories

 Short Stories

 Short Stories

 Short Stories







From her sanctuary in the Canadian Science Center, high in the Yukon, Heidi is faced with two separate mysteries. The world is in upheaval, tectonic plates are shifting, planets are realigning. And then there is the Enigma that holds the key to the higher affinity of the universe

"A voyage from within and without, this novel transports us to the frontiers of an existence that knows no frontiers, where physics and metaphysics merge into a timeless, seamless whole. Enigma..." (J. Garwood, Ph.D. Smashwords)

"A love story, visionary fiction, mysticism, theology and a personal journey...." (B. Symonds, Smashwords)

One man is given a slim chance to save humanity. Putting his life on the line, he ventures into the vastness of space, where he gains access to a reality which reaches beyond his wildest imagination.

If he returns to Earth he'd bring back a Gift beyond human understanding.

If you suddenly feel an enormous weight pressing down on you, it’s probably too late. Your Umph is already inside an alien’s body. This should not scare you… [The other stories are about the love of life and the planet Earth.]

“Absolutely brilliant! …a real classic, which leaves the reader wondering if we do really live on Planet Earth!” (Louisa Middleton-Blake, author, Wales, UK)

"Thirsty Work is absolutely hilarious! A weird and twisty tale the likes I have not seen in many a year. Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's early work before he got all dark and serious... I will be looking at more of your writing, sir!" (Thaddesus Howze, Author's Den)

In the far distant future as in our distant past, human emotions continue to place the same demands on the human heart. The same is also true of the species inhabiting the distant planets, which we, humans, are destined to reach one day, for whatever reason. These are but a few examples of what we might expect.
"The Simulator took me where no woman has been before—I could really identify with Astrid (what a beautiful name!). Little Angels was more amazing than I could ever imagine. And Esperanza made me shed a tear, both of sadness and, perhaps, of joy. I hope there's more in the series." (H.K. Loda, 5 Stars on Smashwords)

All stories—be they strange, visionary, comforting or enigmatic—are about love. Love of our home, our friends, the Universe, or even of a tropical plant; love of your daughter, or just each other… Of love before we were born, and lonesome love of that which is gone forever. Love of an idea. Or even just love of writing. If you love Love, you’ll love these stories. Love makes us all one.

"Law doesn't need a lot of words or an entire novel to cast a spell upon us, and deliver very powerful and complicated messages. These short stories are fantastic.,, Stan Law is a truly gifted writer, and these short stories provide us with short views into his writing excellence." (D. Piecuch, Smashwords/Amazon)

Two of a Kind? Never! It is none of my business what kind of fur a girl wears on her back. Or, if she had a fling or two, on her own time. But, to pee on the carpet on her first visit is a bit much. Really! Anyway, if you like cats and dogs and love and sex and suspense and mystery and murder... (and don't forget humor), well, you’ve come to the right place.

"I had a long chat with my cat, and equally as long with my two dogs. Let me tell you. Every single word Stan Law wrote is the absolute truth. If you don’t believe me, ask your own cat. Or dog. Or any stray you meet on the street. Only… for some reason, my dog refused to discuss The Broohos." (Adam, 5 Stars on Smashwords)

Non-fiction Ebooks by
Stanislaw Kapuscinski

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Visualization Creating Your own Universe

 Beyond Religion Volume I

Beyond Religion Volume II

Beyond Religion Volume III

Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism

Key to Immortality

 In-Depth Study of Perception of Reality

 An inquiry into the Nature of BeingS

  An inquiry into the Nature of Being

 An inquiry into the Nature of Being

 Indispensible tool for Understanding Scriptures

 Exegesis: Gospel of Thomas







This book will help you stand on your own feet with such confidence that nothing will ever upset your balance. The quintessence and expansion of his Essays. Stan Kapuscinski draws on his extensive experience to share with us his unique perspective on the world we live in. He asserts his Perception of Reality in terms of historical, sociological, religious, scientific and philosophical context.

This is a book to be savored slowly, carefully, examining each concept, before adopting it. ...I strongly recommend it to all who pride themselves in having an open mind. (Anetta Bach, from 5 Star Review on Smashwords)

The essays will restore confidence in your own judgment; they will help you to become master of your own destiny. Recently updated, we are offered always perceptive, often humorous, as often 'deep' reflections on the Nature of Being. The author delves into ancient myths and scriptures as well as into the latest scientific discoveries to share his Perception of Reality.

"Call them Ideas, Thoughts, or Essays… what’s in a name? Reading them enriches my life, broadens my concept of reality, opens my mind. I wouldn’t want to miss a single one. Trust me, they are fun."(Marvin D. Clark, 5 Stars on Smashwords)

You are invited to join a curious mind on a journey to explore the reality we live in—to examine the truth, the half-truth, and the lies. In the Second Collection Kapuscinski delves into diverse ancient scriptures, as well as into the latest scientific discoveries. The author also demonstrates his unique perspective on diverse subjects dealing with life and death.

"...The Baboon, Birds of Paradise, Miracles, Antichrist, among others, are all jewels, which still linger in my mind. As for Heaven, I couldn’t stop laughing. All in all, they are a marvelous introduction to his Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe, which could be regarded as the quintessence of all his essays. (Bozena Happach, 5 Stars in Smashwords/Kindle)

The third collection of Essays (52) on Perception of Reality includes titles Xenophobia, Armageddon, Love, Euthanasia, Fatima, Eternity, Eternal Damnation, Sacrifice, Heaven and Hell, Trinity, inter alia.

[From Intro.] “Anyone searching these pages for quick, glib, answers will be disappointed. I would rather my readers treated my essays as a menu of exotic dishes, perhaps a silver tray of hors-d’oeuvres, which they might taste, relish, ponder upon their esoteric ingredients, and if still tempted—swallow.”

"...There is a thin line that separates the author's spiritual reality form the mundane world-view we all appear to live in. For me he opened vast, new horizons." (A.Kerry, 5 Stars on Smashwords)

For 2000 years, the scholars left 3300 in the Bible untranslated. Find out for yourself what Moses, Jesus and the prophets really said to their people. "The truth will set you free."

"I've read the Bible several times (though not front to back) and I am an enthusiast of the Old Testament as history. Now there is a way to read and understand the OT as teaching. I am so grateful for Stanislaw's dictionary and his depth of understanding, especially in the extremely helpful examples he gives of understanding otherwise seemingly dry OT passages.

...This deserves wide recognition not only among the followers of religion but also anyone seeking inspiration and understanding." (Alistair Forrest, 5 Stars on Smashwords/Amazon)

An international group of scholars provide the translation of the Coptic text discovered in Nag Hammadi, while the author offers his explanation of the 114 sayings attributed to Jesus. He offers the Key to Immortality.

"On third reading it all began to make sense. On fourth... that's right, it took that long, I believed Thomas’s words. I’m immorotal. Read it. Read it ALL. You’ll never forget it. But first read Kapuscinski's Beyond Religion Essays. They give you the right attitude. I read them before them came on Smashwords. They will open for you a new way of looking at things." (H.K. Loda, 5 Stars n Smashwords)


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Vicious Circle Volume One
Vicious Circle Volume Two
Vicious Circle Volume Three
Vicious Circle Volume Four
Vicious Circle Volume Five

Study of Perception of Reality

ln search of Secular EthicsS in

In search of Secular Ethics

In search of Secular Ethics

In search of Secular Ethics
In search of Secular Ethics






Stanislaw Kapuscinski advances compelling arguments regarding DELUSIONS ingrained and perpetrated by both, the religious and the scientific communities. He concludes that science/religion argument is equaly as deluded on both sides of the equation, particularly when advanced from the preeminently fundamentaalist point of view.

With frequent sprinking of humor and considerable intellectual prowess, the author exposes DELUSIONS masquarading under the guise of science and relition.

"...I thought it brilliant!" Philippa Rees, author of INVOLUTION —Reconciling Science to God.

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Event Horizon









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